Radiators, Underfloor heating & Full Heating Systems

We are able to carry out works on heating systems which are heated by Gas or Electric. 

Generally a boiler works with radiators and sometimes underfloor heating, which is part of our scope of works.

Radiators come in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials and are designed for a great range of uses, whether it be to warm your towels or warm your bottom as a bench or a traditional panel radiator used to heat a room.


Underfloor heating is an up and coming source of heating a building or room, this is proven to be a very economical way of heating your property. This is also a way of being warm without seeing the ugly radiators within your house and your walls. 


It Is important to maintain your heating system, If your heating system isn’t maintained well it is possible to have problems with the heating system and your boiler.


We can provide you with a great maintenance schedule to help you make sure your boiler lives a long life